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What's NEW: DAFIF/SUA for Europe, North America and more. Last update 11 April 2017     RSS feed
View airspace in 3D with Google Earth
Airspace files have been converted from Tim Newport-Peace airspace and OpenAIP. Source data is from Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange: Special Use Airspace. And OpenAIP - Worldwide aviation database.
Download UK hang gliding and paragliding sites Google Earth file.
Download French hang gliding and paragliding sites Google Earth file.

Please note: Some countries are not avaliable, if you would like airspace data for any of these countries Web Admin
NOTE: SUA does not include as many countries as DAFIF but has more recent data.
If you get "File not found" try the DAFIF option.
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User's comments:
"Good piece of work" Peter Logan.
"Amazing" Gordon Bishop.
"When it's complete it will be a fantastic tool for visualising airspace" Tim.
"CRIMINY That is spectacular Do you get out much????" Rupert Dodds.
"Many, many thanks for the Google Earth airspace work - really handy..." Pete Marley.
"This is very, very cool." John Leibacher.
"Simply outstanding." Frank.

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